About The Blog

Started in 2012, The Wandering Sheppard started as Travel blog focusing on food, off-the-beaten path, and being active (hiking and biking).  In the midst of wandering, I discovered food trucks.  At first, it was the food and the idea of eating from a mobile kitchen.   What started as a novelty (eating at a food truck once or twice a month), soon became more frequent (from a few days a week to sometimes twice a day).  The more I ate from the food trucks, my curiosity steered me to learn more about these culinary geniuses behind the wheel.

I found out these were entrepreneurs risking financial assets and personal family time to chase a dream.  I continued to follow the food truck and became admired by their stories.  As my eating habits evolved,  the blog evolved as well.  Its evolution arrived at its current theme, a food truck blog.

The goals of the blog is to:

  • Provide information to consumers and food truck owners about the Triangle food truck scene.
  • Provide a positive theme on the food truck industry
  • Show readers the value food trucks bring to their communities

If you are a food truck fan or living in the Triangle, follow me on the various social media platforms and by email.  My goal is to follow the food truck scene and relay the news back to you.

Keep Wandering,



The Wandering Sheppard is based in Raleigh, NC.  In addition to the blog, you can follow me on Twitter, Instagram, and find more on Facebook.

For more info on me:

To contact me, complete the form below.

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