Why have a section dedicated to cruising?  In 2010, the industry produced almost $38 billion into the US economy.   If that’s not staggering, the industry has averaged an annual growth of seven percent since 1980. And with only 24 percent of American adults have taken a cruise, the growth potential is still there.  As result,  the industry anticipates 24 additional ships by 2015.

So, now that I have justified this section, what will you find here?

Ship Reviews.  As a rental car, hotel, or airline makes the trip, so does the ship.  For an itinerary that is at sea a lot, a ship can make or break a trip.  If you are at sea for two days and all you have is one shared pool, that can be an uncomfortable trip.  Also, if you have children and the cruise line does not have a robust program – you might be planning another vacation, on this one.  So before you book, you may want to see the reviews here.

Restaurants.  There is a trend to add specialty dining, in addition, to the main dining room.  Some of these are just more selection, others may be an additional cost to experience.  This will go over my experience and hopefully assist you.  Since some restaurants are common across the cruise line, these will be segregated from the cruise ship reviews.

Ports of Call.  This will discuss ports you may see on your itinerary.  Since ships change itineraries, these will not be attached to the reviews, as well.  Here I will recommend going on excursions, what excursions, and what the stop is like.

Ports of Departure.  Since not everyone lives in a port, you may need to get yourself acquainted with your departure point.  Here I may discuss hotels (in brief), restaurants, and things of importance.  Since these stays can be longer than port of call stays, these may include more ideas and longer excursions.

While 76 percent of adults have yet to cruise, this may be section for first time travelers.  Do not worry, there are a lot of myths out there.  Hopefully this section will disprove those myths and get you sailing.  For the other 24 percent, I hope you find your next trip!

Keep wandering!


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