Local Wandering

Not every weekend is a weekend away from home.  Otherwise, what is home?  So, the traveler needs to regroup, recharge, and enjoy the next journey.  It is here the traveler becomes the host and opens their doors to other travelers.

Welcome to the Local Wandering section.

The focus here will be on short trips (day or weekend trips) for North Carolina residents.  Even though these posts will be geared toward shorter stays, those visiting North Carolina will find value in their trip planning stages.  You can also connect a few posts to make a longer trip.

As a guide, you will notice selecting “Local Wandering” has a few drop down items.  When you drag your cursor and select these items, you will see posts that fit this category.  Here is what each category is:

NC Beaches.  With over 300 miles of coastline, many visitors use North Carolina’s beaches.  Each beach has its own personality and amenities, which makes each visit unique.  Here you will find my past visits and insights, which hopefully will help guide you to your next trip.

NC Enlightenment.  For some, energizing the mind is the best way to a vacation.  From the museums, zoos, and other “enlightening” offerings in North Carolina, it will be here.  This section will also detail special exhibits coming to North Carolina and reviews about them.

NC Adventures. North Carolina has great outdoors.  From the Blue Ridge Parkway to the 34 state parks, over 13 million people visit these facilities annually.  So if you are not at the beaches, you may be at one of these parks.  The focus here will be more adventure and less relaxation.

NC Food.  I have traveled and stayed in a hotel, all for the sake of eating a nice steak dinner.  My stomach appreciates my dedication.  If you have same dedication, this may be a section where we can all chew the fat.

NC Hotels.  Sometimes, a good hotel or resort is the reason to travel. Other times, the hotel can be your travel story.  Instead of occupying a post on a particular hotel or resort, I will use this section to expand on posts dominated by a hotel.

Keep wandering,


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