The Wandering Sheppard is more of a labor of love than a personal soap box to brag on my recent adventures. My goal is to talk about them and hopefully inspire others to travel more. In my eyes, there is so much out there to see. And I believe we should all go out and see it.

Whether it is getting into the family car and driving 500 miles to see the second largest ball of twine, booking a posh room on the new mega cruise ships, or even just a quick five mile hike at your nearest National Park. My goal is to get you, the reader, out there and enjoy it!

So my fellow leisure travelers, get ready to Bing, Kayak, or use your travel engine or agent that you prefer, and let’s go!

– RT / WS

One thought on “Welcome!

  1. Nice job Art! Hope we get to cruise with you guys soon, if not December then definitely some day. 🙂

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