April 27: Cary Creative Center Food Truck Rodeo

Come check out the Cary Creative Center and great food truck cuisine.

Back on March 29th, Cary Creative Center organized a nice food truck rodeo in the Downtown Cary vicinity.  While the weather may have kept others inside, you missed an awesome setup.

Cary Creative Center - Food Trucks - Rodeo

If you do make it out, please check out the center.  With this event they are trying to do two things (in my opinion): 1) make you aware of their center, a place that enables us to reuse items for functional and/or artistic purpose and 2) provide an opportunity to see why they need to raise the roof.  They take in a lot of items that does get reused instead of taking over space in our landfills.

Anyways, please make it out and if you can.  If you cannot, but wish to contribute to the C3 Raise the Roof Campaign, you can donate at their Eventbrite site.

For more information on Cary Creative Center, visit their site and their C3 Raise the Roof site.

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