Friday Faves: Czech This Out

Each Friday, I’ll post a favorite from a particular food truck.  This week’s selection: Czech This Out.

This is the first one of a new series I am launching today.  Each week I’ll select a food truck and a menu item that is my go-to or favorite.  In this post, I’ll also mention why I like it.  I’d love to hear your opinion on your experience or perhaps what is your favorite.  Please keep comments somewhat positive and it’s okay to disagree on my selection (though, what is yours?)  The other item I ask is that we do not compare to another establishment (either a truck, brick and mortar, but mom’s, grandma’s recipe is allowed).  The idea behind these posts is talk about the food at the selected truck and discuss what is your favorite.

Potato Pancake_CzechThisOut

With the recent Ethnosh Raleigh event, I wanted to highlight Czech This Out.  It is unique being the only Czech food truck in the Triangle and one of two that I know of in the country (Tabor is the other food cart I know in Portland).  My favorite has to be the potato pancake.

Everything has been good on the truck.  Though I enjoy the uniqueness of a breaded potato pancake flipped over chicken and vegetables sautéed with a light teriyaki-like sauce.  In this picture, there was also a nice mixture of Israeli couscous and rice and a small salad with balsamic vinaigrette.  But the aioli drizzled on the pancake, which is native to Czech food is delicious.  Both Ivo and Jara, Czech This Out business partners, mentioned Czech food usually accompanies this dressing.  Nice texture and flavor going on here.

Well, you have my favorite, is it yours?  If not, what is your favorite from Czech This Out.

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