November 17th: New Food Truck Radar

Monday is considered a news day on The Wandering Sheppard.  Each week New Food Truck Radar will show some of the new food trucks hitting the streets or on the streets that you may not recognize.

Rumbling on the Street

Sources tell me Randy’s Pizza is looking into having a food truck hit the streets this year.


Here are some of the new trucks with the last few months.

CDM-RavenCock-a-Doodle Moo 

Check out the global fusion and local, farm-sourced cuisine.  Check out the Raven one of the items currently on the menu. You can routinely find them at Wake Forest Farmers Market, Nickelpoint, and Raleigh Brewing. Follow them on Twitter  and Facebook.

SoomSoomPita_1SoomSoom Pita Pockets

After Anthony of Baton Rouge Cuisine, Oren has to be the tallest food truck owner in the area.  Extremely nice and very talented, the food here is outstanding.  The focus seems to be on fresh taste with an open kitchen concept.  I am not familiar with Isreali cuisine, but the hummus and beef ragu had lots of flavor.  Follow them  and Facebook to catch them at their next stop.

Arepa Culture

This truck looks to be located in the Northwest Raleigh area, but I haven’t been able to catch them.  They have been posting tweets and Facebook posts.  A frequent location is 7105 Glenwood Avenue.  You can follow them  and Facebook.


Kings_Philly-1King’s Philly Cheesesteaks

The Triangle new Philly Cheesesteak truck the focuses on the authentic Philly experience.  The husband and wife team are Philly-natives that are bringing the taste they loved from their hometown.  While Philly Cheesesteaks are their focus,  they will hopefully bring the Pork Roll and Pork Sandwich to the Triangle.  They are very active on Facebook, so be sure to like their page and they are on Twitter .

Czech-1Czech This Out

A unique truck hitting the scene featuring Czech cuisine.  Had an opportunity to try this multiple times and the food is delicious.  NHL fans may want to follow this truck as NHL Players have been spotted at the truck.  Follow them .

BullCity Street Grill

This truck has been spotted in the Durham area.  You can follow them on Twitter () to see which days they will be open.


Amigosan Food Truck

This Nacho everday taco takes an interesting spin on Asian flavors in a taco form.  For brewery visits, you may want share some loaded tots with your friends (or make new friends).  The tots toppings are similar to the taco toppings.

If you haven’t seen them, follow the truck @AmigosanFood and check out their schedule at


Bam Pow Chow

Bam Pow Chow has been hitting the streets, too and making appearances in the Northwest Raleigh.  They have been spotted at House of Hops, Lonerider, Gizmo Brewworks, and Person Street Bar.  Their website has posts scheduled events and you can also follow the truck @BamPowChow.  They have also were featured on Behind The Wheel.

KocinA-3KocinA Food Truck

Hopefully you caught their Behind The Wheel. This truck focuses on South American tapas and cuisine.  You can catch them on Twitter: @kocinafoodtruck

Little Mama’s Truck

H/T to Triangle Explorer for finding this truck.  The truck is now on Twitter (), but also has a Facebook and Instagram profile.  The truck shows a base in Hillsborough, so maybe a far west Triangle coffee truck. Keeping it on my radar and will post updates as I find them.

Hao About Chinese / Hao’s Kitchen

Looks like the name behind Hao’s About Chinese recently secured a trailer and getting ready to setup a mobile food truck business.  This is still very new in the phase, but wanted to alert those looking at Chinese cuisine in the area.


OMG Chicken

Glad to see more breadth coming to the food truck scene.  OMG Chicken is a Western African (Senegalese to be exact) truck that is posting a few spots  and Facebook.


Saltbox Seafood

The popular seafood “shack” in Durham is going mobile.  The truck’s pictures were posted recently, but have not seen locations posted.  If you are not already following Saltbox Seafood Joint, follow  and Facebook.

Have a new truck and want it featured.  Use the contact form below and we’ll add it to the weekly radar.  Build your fan base with a weekly update!

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