Friday Faves: Hanu

Each Friday, I’ll post a favorite from a particular food truck.  This week’s selection: Hanu.

Recently, I launched a new series called “Friday Faves.”  Each post will highlight one food truck and a “go-to” of mine (or favorite).  It’s been cold the last few days and tried to think of something that will warm my belly.  As I started to think of warm menu items, Hanu Truck‘s Ramen came to mind.  I hadn’t seen Hanu in awhile and as William S. penned “absence makes the heart grow fonder.”



While it was a warm day at Sub Noir Brewing, I remember everyone raving about the ramen that day.  I even recall Chef Patrick reminding me to pop the egg.  For me the key to ramen is not all the goodies inside, which include the pork belly, the fish egg, the greens, the poached egg, and the seaweed paper.  The key is the broth.  Walk into a ramen bar and you could find many different types of broth, which depending on your tastes could help you decide.  Thankfully, my stomach and taste buds don’t have to debate as Patrick provides one broth.

The broth is a double soup broth, which is amazing and apparently huge in the west coast and Japan.  I did not know this prior to eating.  I just thought it was cool the broth changed colors as my spoon stirred the broth.  Though I did remember the change in flavors, which I assumed came from those aforementioned goodies.  Either way, as the winter days run thin on food trucks on the streets, set your radars for Hanu and keep warm with their ramen.

What is your favorite Hanu item?

2 thoughts on “Friday Faves: Hanu

  1. I could NOT stop eating the Bunch of BS last time we saw them at SubNoir! As Gary doesn’t like poached eggs, we passed on the ramen (since we usually share our foods). Next time I find Hanu – I’m getting ramen just for me!

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