Friday Faves: Chick-N-Que

Each Friday, I’ll post a favorite from a particular food truck.  This week’s selection: Chick-N-Que.

Recently, I launched a new series called “Friday Faves.”  Each post will highlight one food truck and a “go-to” of mine (or favorite).  Chick-N-Que came to mind when I saw they are preparing to open up a brick and mortar in Rolesville.  They have been setting up pop-ups there (420 S Main Street, Rolesville) and testing out the menu.

One thing I like to do is grab a cup of Que to go and make a meal out of it.  However, when I eat with the truck I enjoy The Bird’s Nest.


Nothing beats crinkle cut fries, Chopped Eastern-style North Carolina Chicken BBQ, topped with cheddar cheese.  The eastern sauce has a bit of heat, which cools off a bit thanks to the creamy cheddar cheese.  And while crinkle-cut fries are not my favorite alone, this dish overrides that bias.  All together, I can’t argue on another item is better (though I have yet to have the Ostrich burger!)

This picture shows me being abnormally generous sharing the nest.  Usually I enjoy on my own.  Though the sharing aspect does make this menu item a great choice at breweries (like Draft Line and Full Steam this weekend).  Another reason I enjoy this item.

What is one of your Chick-N-Que favorite?


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