Wandering in Spokane for Food Trucks

When I leave the comforts of home, I get truck sick.  That’s correct, I miss eating from a food truck.  While scanning social media looking at pictures of food truck from home may alleviate the absence, as Marvin Gaye and Tammi Terrell sang “ain’t nothing like the real thing.” In this travel feature, I talk about my experience in the Greater Spokane area.

I’ll be honest, I thought I was going to be shutout from food trucks in Spokane.  We had a short time in Spokane and I promised my wife a day of wineries.  All the food trucks I could find were doing lunch in office buildings.  While my wife will eat from food trucks, she does not have the same dedication that I have.  So the thought of proposal of bargaining wine tasting for food trucks, would not be a wise decision.  So, you could see my reasons for pessimism.

Before we wandered, we head over to Thomas Hammer coffee to kick start our day.  My social media sense kicked in to tweet a photo of the local roaster with the appropriate hashtags. It wasn’t long before Visit Spokane () found my tweet and began following me. Sweet! I recalled and I returned the favor.  Curious to see what is going on in Spokane, I began reading their tweets. Words “Oktoberfest”, “Perry Street Brewing”, and “Food Truck” caught my eye. It was here I proposed my idea of visiting the brewery on our return from wineries. I loved the “win-win-win” scenarios.

Perry Street Brewing - Spokane

Perry Street Brewing

After a day of Green Bluff Growers (a farm loop road) and wineries, bratwursts and beer sounded great. Before my inbox gets inundated with self-help emails and intervention invites, my wife did most of the tastings.

Thursday Market / South Perry Farmers Market
Thursday Market / South Perry Farmers Market

Perry Street Brewing is appropriated located on Perry Street and 11th Avenue in Spokane. For those staying or living in downtown Spokane, the brewery is not far from there.  While we just found about Oktoberfest, what we did not know was today was the Thursday Market, also known as the South Perry Farmers Market. What turned into one food truck quickly multiplied to three different food trucks!

Couple of Chefs - Spokane

Couple of Chefs

The one that caught my eye on Twitter and they were setup at Perry Street Brewing. Since the brewery was promoting Oktoberfest, they had a menu geared for Oktoberfest. Bratwursts, pretzels, and saurkraut were easily spotted on the menu. Before grabbing food, I ordered the newly-released Kolsch and my wife orders a Pinot Gris.

Pretzel Bites - Couple of Chefs

I licked my chops and walk to the truck. I decided to go safe and traditional with a classic bratwurst and load it up with “beer soaked” sauerkraut. I know my wife isn’t going to be head over heels with this, so I also order the pretzel bites, which used Perry Street’s porter for their beer cheese.

Bratwurst - Couple of Chefs

The bratwurst is juicy and delicious. The bun was great, because it tasted fresh and airy like a soft baguette.  The sauerkraut complemented the bratwurst as it didn’t overpower the meal. While you can make cabbage taste really bad, Couple of Chefs didn’t achieve this.  Their sauerkraut was spot on with the tartness and acidity bringing smooth flavors.  We both enjoyed the pretzel bites, which I was tempted to drink the beer cheese like soup broth.  I could taste the hints of DOMA Coffee in the beer, which I thought gave a subtle caramely flavor.  Those flavors helped decided that second round as Perry Street’s Porter.

Veraci Pizza - Spokane

Veraci Pizza

My wife eyed the chimney of the wood fire grill from Veraci Pizza.  As I enjoyed my beer, she walked down to the Thursday Market in Grant Elementary’s parking lot.  She returns with two slices of Veraci’s. Both were specials, The Veraci Spinaci, a vegetarian slice with a red sauce base, and Pesto Arugula, a pesto based sausage slice.  My wife enjoys tomato (red) sauce, so I was shocked on the Pesto Arugula selection. I enjoyed both slices which I thought the nice, thin, crispy crust burnt on the ends was key. The chèvre cheese was a nice pair to the sausage.  If it weren’t for sharing, I probably would have sandwich the two for a nice combination of flavors.

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Big Poppa’s BBQ

Big Poppas BBQ

While BBQ is a common term like burgers, it can be something that is prepared regionally.  Growing up with BBQ as just a heavy, smoky, tomato-based sauce.  Now, I realized by traveling each region has a different flavor.  So I enjoy trying BBQ everywhere we go.

Big Poppa Cheese

Big Poppa’s BBQ serves a Southern style BBQ slow cooking using a smoker.  For those that are particular on BBQ, the sauce is not vinegar-based like Eastern North Carolina, but the tomato-based sauce.  I’m a fan of both, so I didn’t turn away.  Looking at the menu I wanted something that we might both enjoy.  Then I laid eyes on the Big Poppa Cheese.  The sandwich has pulled pork, caramelized onions, and cheese on Texas Toast.  Before you take that first bite, note this sandwich requires an appetite and extra napkins.  But worth the reward of trying Southern style BBQ far from where it calls home.  I am interested to taste their smoked ribs!

Finding Spokane trucks

Before you throw in the towel, as I almost did, check out the Greater Spokane Food Truck Association. They provide a regional focus with a daily schedule, roster, and event details.

Featured Trucks

Couple of Chefs 
Facebook / Twitter:  / Website (Winner: People’s Choice “Truckster” Award, Truckpalooza 2014)

Veraci’s Pizza (Spokane)
Facebook / Twitter:  / Website
[they also have locations in Coeur d’Alene, Seattle, and Portland]

Big Pappa’s BBQ


Perry Street Brewing
Facebook / Twitter:  / Website

Thursday Market / South Perry Farmers Market
Facebook / Twitter:   / Website

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