Behind The Wheel – Rerun #4 – 2014

One of the great advantages of food trucks is that owners are on the truck daily. This brings a tight bond between the owner and their hungry patrons. Since many of us only get that small time between ordering and grabbing our food, I wanted to help bring us together. That’s when I got the idea, Behind The Wheel. Gets me back to telling the story and further enjoying – being around food trucks. 

For the holidays, I thought it would be great to go back and look at 2014’s Behind The Wheel posts. This week we’ll look at BulKogi, Czech This Out, Olio and Aceto, and Sol Tacos.

Pastor Joe talking to a customer.  David in the background cooking up some tasty Korean food.



Czech This Out

If you had truck withdrawals, the truck was there, too.

Olio and Aceto


Sol Tacos

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