2015 Chinese New Year Festival – Raleigh, NC

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Readers of the blog know that I love Asian food trucks.  Give an opportunity to try more and find out more about the culture, you have my ear.  On Saturday, January 31st, the Triangle Area Chinese American Society (TACAS) hosts the 2015 Chinese New Year Festival at Dorton Arena on the State Fairgrounds.

新年快樂 (translation: Happy New Year)

What is Chinese New Year?

First off, get ready for an early start to kick off into 2129 based on the Tàichū calendar.  The actual new year starts February 19th, but who can turn down a part.  It also is the Year of the Goat.  For those not familiar with the Chinese Calendar there are twelve animals represented on the calendar, which gives us a few more days to enjoy the Year of the Horse.

Also, it is the largest and most important traditional Chinese holiday.  Legends say that the beginning of the Chinese New Year started with a mythical beast who would come on the first day of the New Year to eat livestock, crops, and even villages!  For protection, the villages would put food in front of doors as protection.  Soon, villagers decided instead of feed the beast, they fought the beast with red paper on their house (the beasts are afraid of the color red) and fire crackers to frighten them away.  This why red, fireworks, and excitement are tied to the New Year.


You still have to feed the Beast

I’ve been following the event’s Facebook Page, which has featured a few of the offerings at the festival.  One item I have to watch for is Niangao, a chinese cake made of glutinous rice flower, wheat starch, salt, water and sugar.   Though I’m excited to see BulKogi will serve the World at the event.

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In between tasting food, there will be 40 performances, kids activities, and cultural exhibits for enrichment.

If interested, TACAS is doing a pre-sale through E-Tix for $5 or it is $8 at the door.

About Triangle Chinese American Society of North Carolina (TACAS)
TACAS is a  non-political, non-profit organization that was founded in September of 1979.  Their mission is to foster Chinese-American cultural exchange, promote Chinese language and cultural education, and participate in public welfare and community service. The organization is open to everyone of all racial and ethnic backgrounds and is also a partner of Families with Chinese Children (FCC), an organization for families who have adopted girls from China.  TACAS participates in cultural events and includes the TACAS Arts Center, the TACAS book club, youth group, youth symphony and dance clubs. TACAS also partners with the Raleigh Chinese Language School and the Triangle Area Peking Opera Club.

2015 Chinese New Year Festival
Saturday, January 31st, 2015

1025 Blue Ridge Road
Raleigh, NC 27607

From 10am to 5pm

Be sure to mark “Going” on the Event Page to keep up with updates.

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