Recap: Sweet Traditions Grand Opening

On Saturday, January 31st, I wandered over back to Sweet Traditions bakery in Wake Forest.   I visited last year after the opened and featured the location in Wheels and Mortar.  This time I had opportunity to see LeAne, Rowland, and Belle all at the same time at the bakery.

Sweet Traditions-GO-2

For guests who stopped by, they had an opportunity to donate a perishable item for Backpack Buddies, part of the Inter-Faith Food Shuttle.  LeAne mentioned she was very passionate for this charity, because of the immediate impact to those in the vicinity of the Wake Forest bakery.  Sweetness Warriors must have been just as passionate. Before 1 pm (the start of the Grand Opening), the wagon used to hold items was almost full.   Those donors not only took home a good feeling, they also took home a cupcake for their generosity.

Backpack Buddies-1-ST

While I am a cupcake fan, another strong point of Sweet Traditions’ is their cakes.  Anyone who follows Sweet Traditions on Facebook is saying “ooooh” and “yum!” in consecutive syllables.  As cakes past live, I was “WOW!”  For a seventeen-year olds birthday, Sweet Traditions had a Rubik Cube cake.  I usually carry a plastic fork (I’m wandering for food trucks), so I was tempted to help him solve his puzzle cake.  Part of the festivities, Sweet Traditions raffled off two cakes to those who were in attendance.

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Another cool activity was a iPad setup as a Photo Booth.   I got into the festivities and took at few pictures with Leticia, one of the Sweetness Warriors at Sweet Traditions.  It was pretty cool, as they had a few props you’d find at a photo booth.  Here are a few of those photos.


If you missed out, don’t worry Sweet Traditions social calendar is starting to fill up.  On February 19th, Cupcakes and Cocktails, Sweet Traditions’ Happy Hour will take place.  After normal operating hours, Sweet Traditions will open from 7 to 9pm where you bring wine and Sweet Traditions will mix up cupcakes up in the cocktail bar.  LeAne mentioned she was excited to organize this event, because it will bring a social aspect to the bakery (another activity she loves).  If interested, be sure to RSVP to help gauge attendance.

Sweet Traditions-GO-1


Shop Location and Information

12516 Capital Blvd. Suite 106
Wake Forest, NC 27587
Phone : (919) 780-8212


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