Mardi Gras in the Triangle 2015

With Tuesday, February 17th (Fat Tuesday / Mardi Gras) around the corner, local events are upcoming.  Here are details of a few events known.



If you haven’t heard, Big Easy’s Raleigh celebration has been postponed.  At this time, WRAL has a forecast of 39 / 31 Wintry Mix.  With lots of musical performances and a fleet of food trucks, organizers weighed on the sign of caution.  A wise move given last year’s weather at this time.  Need a reminder: Book of Mormon, Marshmallow Man, and 30 minute commutes resulting in 5 hour commutes.  Organizers have rescheduled for February 28th.


The other big event on Tuesday is the event in Durham at Rigsbee and Geer intersection.  The Triangle Explorer has done a great job providing details.  Wandering Sheppard fans will enjoy American Meltdown at Fullsteam.  Venues participating are Motorco, Geer Street Garden, Cocoa Cinnamon, The Bar, Fullsteam, and The Pit with musical performances.

Wake Forest

If Tuesday isn’t soon enough, Wake Forest celebrates Saturday February 14th.  Virgil’s Jamaican, Chirba Chirba, and Baton Rogue Cuisine (how appropriate!)  The event will take place downtown Wake Forest and schedule events can be found here.  If you want more information, see the event’s page as well as on the Town of Wake Forest’s mobile app.

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