Recap: Chatham Street Chowdown

On April 19th, Cary launched it’s 2nd series of Food Truck Rally’s in Downtown Cary

From Academy Street to Harrison Avenue, Chatham Street in Cary was closed to just food traffic from 12 to 4:30pm.  On the stretch of asphalt, food trucks, Fortnight Brewing and Chatham Hill Winery, and live music were around for attendees (“fans”) to relax and enjoy.

Chatham Street-Cary-1
Within minutes, lines formed at all the trucks on Chatham Street. Cary did not mess around!
Chatham Street-Cary-3
At the historic Ivey Ellington House, live music played for food trucks fans seated. Awesome Disney covers!
Chatham Street-Cary-2
Fans gathered in front of Gather on Chatham Street.
Chatham Street-Cary-4
Additional seating on the Chatham Street.
Chatham Street-Cary-5
In addition to local food trucks, local Cary beer (Fortnight) and local Cary wine (Chatham Hill Winery) are both available.
Chatham Street-Cary-7
As the clouds rolled in fans stayed for the rally.
Chatham Street-Cary-8
Fans standing in line for AmigoSan.
Chatham Street-Cary-6
Fans on Chatham Street

The Food!

I usually get the Smokey and the Bandit or my recent order, The Briar Bear, at Deli-icous.  But, I had not had a quesadilla!  So I took this time to order a chicken quesadilla and their gluten-free, vegan orange and quinoa salad.  Both were great and fresh tasting.

Chicken Quesadilla
Deli-icious_Orange+Quinoa Salad
Orange + Quinoa Salad


I also wanted to take an opportunity to go to the new Pharmacy Bottle + Beer shop, just past Academy on Chatham Street.  I went with a Highlands Little Hump Spring Ale.


If you feel you missed out, the next one is coming up the evening of July 26th 5:30 to 9:30pm.









2 thoughts on “Recap: Chatham Street Chowdown

  1. Great pic of the back of my head in the ‘as the clouds rolled in’ pic. Waiting in line for Gussey’s and it was worth it!

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