Food Truck Midweek Update: April 29, 2015

Here is what is going on this week with Food Trucks in the Triangle area

Help MaMaDuke’s!


Last month after the Durham rodeo, tragedy struck MaMaDukes.  The trailer was hit by a drunk driver.  Luckily, there was no lost of life.  Except it did take the life out of a family business.  This was a father and son business that while it was insured, the insurance proceeds did not cover all the expenses to bring them back to business.  There’s a Go Fund Me project to help raise funds.  In addition to the project, Fullsteam Brewery is matching funds (see Facebook page).

Also, check out their episode on Street Foodie Diaries.

Other Crowd Funding projects

Cocoa Cinnamon

For those late to the food truck game, you may have not know that Cocoa Cinnamon started out as Bike Coffee in Durham.  It wasn’t until recently, they opened and helped anchor the revitalization going around Geer and Rigsbee area.  With that success, they are looking for a second location in Durham.

What’s interesting is their funding vehicle looks more as a hybrid of investing and donating using Community Sourced Capital.  The donating part seems to look more like the typical crowd funding, but it gets repaid back.  The only caveat is you earn no interest.  If you need to try the product before buy a square, check out their current location 420 W Geer St, Durham.


Bob Wickstrom of UM UM Italian Ice is looking to expand into BBQ.  The project will focus on raising funds for a trailer. For more details and updates on the project, you can find it on their Kickstarter Page.

What’s going on Friday

I started to look at my calendar and saw a lot of activities coming up.  Instead of posting a lot of weekend events, I figured let me just give you Friday.

2015-mock-cmyk-split-22x28-CMYK-traced1-440x564Blues on the Plaza: Northgate Mall 

For the month of May, every Friday will have “Blues on the Plaza” at Northgate Mall.  This Friday kicks off with a performance by Tornado Blues Band and Virgil’s Jamaican and Subway serving food.  The food court is also open and Bull City Burger and Brewery will serve wine and beer.

The event starts at 6 pm.  Northgate Mall is located at 1058 West Club Boulevard, Durham.

First Friday Raleigh

Both Porchetta and CJ’s Street Food are parked at their First Friday spot next to CAM Raleigh (409 W Martin Street)

11128848_1206095292748958_198453125052320013_oFairview After Hours

This Friday Fairview Garden Center (8224 Holly Springs Road) will be open later from 6 to 8pm with Stuft, Sweetwater Ices, Bombshell Beer, Gasoline Stove, and S.marsh Entertainment.  For more information on the event, check out their site.

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