Help Re-design a Food Truck

Ever have great ideas early in the morning?  or perhaps you are late thinker, like me.  How about putting some ideas in motion by helping Craig with Green Olive Deli.

This week I reported that Green Olive Deli will be renaming itself.  What I did not know was owner Craig Warbington had a really cool idea for food truck fans.

Craig’s dilemma is current food truck’s name: Green Olive Deli.  When he bought the truck, he changed the previous owner’s concept from sandwiches to Indian food.  The problem: Green Olive Deli and Indian food don’t have a connection.  So, he thought why not ask local fans for a name they could be attached to.  Some of the ideas to use when brainstorming are Indian food, Peacocks (India’s national bird), the Triangle, and Twitter/Instagram naming.

 The redesign doesn’t stop at the name, he is also looking to redesign the food truck.

Green Olive Deli_2014

Have idea to transform this into an Indian cuisine food truck?

If you come up with the  winning design, you will win a year of free samosas (valued over $1,500.)  Entries are to be submitted to Craig by May 22nd and a winner will be announced at Nickelpoint Brewing on May 31st (winner does not need to be present.  When talking about this contest, Craig mentioned “this would be a great opportunity for a design student or hobbyist to get some public recognition.”

Send entries to:

Remember submissions need to be received by May 22nd.  Submission on Facebook, Twitter, or on this blog will not count.

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