May 19th: New Food Truck Radar

Each week New Food Truck Radar will show some of the new food trucks hitting the streets or on the streets that you may not recognize.


Removed Saltbox Seafood. Confirmed with them the food truck is operating for catering events.

Big C’s Waffles

RedVelvet_Chicken_BigCWafflesThis food truck is currently traveling between Durham and Raleigh serving up the new Southern Tradition, Chicken and Waffles.  The waffles can be customized to different flavors like Red Velvet, Donut, and Pecan.  All can be topped with Chicken or you can add eggs and such.  Big C is more active on Facebook and Instagram, but you can follow them .

BullCity Street Grill

Bull City Street FoodIf you are in the Durham area, look for them on Twitter, .  Each week the food truck specializes a new cuisine, which include French Bistro, Italian, and Argentinean.  Usually on Friday or Saturday they park at Bull City Ciderworks and use the local cider in their menu.  I enjoy chicken tacos and wings using Rhiz Up, Bull City’s ginger cider.  The truck is owned by Chef Harry Monds, is known in the Durham restaurant and catering scene.  You can also find more information on their Facebook page.  They will be at the food truck rodeo at the News & Observer building this Friday.

Cajun Persuasion

I missed an opportunity with this one at the Gouge Wrestling event in November at Raleigh Brewing Company. Based on what I have found, they are serving tacos and gumbo and has a connection with Jerry Stackhouse!  I’ll keep my eyes out, but you can catch them by following their Twitter handle .

CharliesKabobGrill-1Charlie’s Kabob on Wheels

The Wake Forest restaurant now has a third location, a food truck.  Named Charlie’s Kabob Grill on Wheels, the food truck… If you are not familiar with the restaurant, check out their website and Facebook Page.  I don’t see a Schedule on their website, but they are scheduled for World Beer Fest in Raleigh, April 11th.

Chick WagonChick Wagon

Caught them at Nickelpoint recently, thanks to Paul Prause ().  The menu includes spinach dip, casseroles, and sausage.  I enjoyed the buffalo chicken casserole, which was chicken with sliced potatoes and cheddar cheese.  You can find them on Twitter  and Facebook.  They mention they have Inman Park Apartments on their future schedule.

11046512_1634057066818022_3264922348009503519_oCousins Maine Lobster 

If the name sounds familiar, it is the food truck famous from Shark Tank.  Cousins Maine Lobster launched early May and is now serving the Triangle.  The best way to find the food truck is via their Cousins Maine Lobster app (on iTunes and Google Play).  I posts where they are during the week.

Crazy Gs-1Crazy G’s

You can find the food truck parked at Duncan Junction off NC 42, which is just past the Wake/Harnett County Line.  Serving up breakfast and sandwiches in bolillo rolls.  In addition to the food, I enjoyed the family was genuinely nice.  Follow on Twitter () and Facebook. Thanks Paul Prause () for the heads up!

HaoAboutChinese-1Hao About Chinese

This past weekend I was able to check out “Hao’s Kitchen.”  Hao Hong and her husband are doing quick Chinese food with some interesting twists like Cheeseburger dumplings and Apple Pie dumplings. The food is served in traditional Chinese takeout containers and they sell Chinese drinks, too.  The food truck operates only only on the weekends and is just getting its wheels on the ground.  If interested,check out  or their website.

Jazz Shish Kabab-1Jazz Shish Kabab

A new food truck that has rolled under the radar.  You may have seen on Twitter of a new food truck called “Jazz Mediterranean”.  Curious, as you may have been, Jazz showed up to Lonerider Brewing.  The cuisine is Egyptian and Mediterranean with the menu changing up each day.  I found the prices reasonable and the Kabab and Cheesesteak pretty tasty.  It is operated by a father and son team and recently added Twitter  to find them.

Lucky Dogs-1Lucky Dogs

This food truck sits primarily at Lucky B’s on Tucker Street in the Glenwood South district.  However, I did see they were out at Brewgaloo 2015.  You can see their Facebook Page for details.

LumpysIceCreamLumpy’s Ice Cream

The Wake Forest ice cream shop is looking to operate its first mobile scoop shop truck in the next few months! Currently they have their shop in Wake Forest and four ice cream carts.  You can follow them  or Facebook.

My Cup OverflowsMy Cup Overflows

This picture is from the May 17th Wake Forest Food Truck Rodeo.  Serving up Chicken Salad sandwiches, fish tacos, chicken barbecue, and other Southern Soul favorites, this food truck can be spotted at the fairgrounds.  They are working on a Facebook Page and Twitter.

OMG Chicken-1OMG Chicken

Glad to see more breadth coming to the food truck scene.  OMG Chicken is a Western African (Senegalese to be exact) truck that is posting a few spots  and Facebook.

Rolling Bistro

Rolling BistroThis sandwich and entree truck comes with experience from New York, Florida, and the West Coast.  Both guys on the truck are named Dave, which makes remembering names easy. The menu seems pretty diverse from a slow roasted pork sandwich, mac-and-cheese bites, and shrimp and grits. They have been seen at the House of Hops and Nickelpoint Brewing, but they are slowly rolling out to a more complete schedule.

You can follow them 

Sky Dog Timeless Franks


Thanks to Paul Prause finding this cart out in the wild last Saturday at Lonerider Brewing. They only have 2 followers (guess who the two are). Follow them .  More details to come.

Thanks to Paul Prause () for the photo.

SoomSoom Pita Pockets

After Anthony of Baton Rouge Cuisine, Oren has to be one of the tallest food truck owner in the area.  Extremely nice and very talented, the food here is outstanding.  The focus seems to be on fresh taste with an open kitchen concept.  I am not familiar with Isreali cuisine, but the hummus and beef ragu had lots of flavor. I’ve been catching them at Hunt Street Market in Durham on Saturdays.  They also routinely show up at Cocoa Cinnamon. Follow them  and Facebook to catch them at their next stop.

Southern Flavor Chicken, Shrimp, and Fish Fry

My Southern FlavorA new truck highlighting fried chicken, fish, and shrimp.  The food truck has been around serving Capital City area (DC, Maryland, and Virginia).  Lately, the food truck has been at the NC State Fairgrounds on Saturday and Sunday. For more information, check them out on Twitter (), Instagram (@SouthernFlavorFishFry), and their website

Southern Spice

A new truck highlighting seafood, beef, turkey, and chicken.  Their goal to have your palate travel the world. Follow them on Twitter  and Facebook.

ThaiBoxZingThai Box Zing

This Thai-Laotian food trucks hit the streets recently and is gaining lots of fans (I’ve been hearing very positive feedback).  They have a restaurant, Thai China Buffet at 4900 NC 55 in Durham.  If you want to follow them,  on Twitter and Facebook.

Thai Street-1Thai Street

Serving up Thai food from the Northern region, Nan to be exact.  I found the food to be really good and different than what you typically find at Thai restaurants.   If you want to follow them, catch them on Twitter .

Truckin Chickin

Meg Here and There () pointed out that Truckin Chickin is making their debut.  They are currently doing catering, but they are working toward a food truck solution.  For more details, check out their  Facebook Page and  follow them on .

Ty’s All Natural

TyAllNaturalThanks to Paul Prause () for the heads up on a new food truck hitting the streets.  I found they were at one of my lunch spots recently and was able to try out Ty’s All Natural.  I enjoyed waffled chicken, which was chicken dipped in waffle batter.  Also on that day was a burger and couple other options (one included a salad).  I’ve noticed they are starting to post locations more now, so start following them on Twitter  or their Facebook.

Wandering Moose-1Wandering Moose

This food truck will have it’s first opening this Saturday, April 18th at Gizmo Breworks in Raleigh.  For details on their opening menu, check out their website.  Based on their Twitter profile, this food truck will focus on slow-cooked meats and scratch made sauces.  Follow them  and Facebook.


These are trucks that have been announced, in development, and/or we have not seen a service date yet.

Little Mama’s Truck

H/T to Triangle Explorer for finding this truck.  The truck is now on Twitter (), but also has a Facebook and Instagram profile.  The truck shows a base in Hillsborough, so maybe a far west Triangle coffee truck. Keeping it on my radar and will post updates as I find them.


The Chapel Hill casual Korean bistro will roll out a new food truck in the next month.  Currently, they are running a special menu on what they will have on the truck. Photo from Mixed.

Rogue Tako

This truck had a soft opening back in November, however, they are preparing for a full rollout in 2015.  Their menu consists of traditional tacos, Asian taco, Kimchi taco, chips, and grilled corn.  You can follow them , Facebook, and Instagram.  Next event I noticed was at Bell Preston Reserve in Cary on May 27th.

Route Bistro

Route Bistro has posted pictures on the progress of their truck on Facebook.  If you want to follow them, you can on Twitter  or Like them on Facebook.  The Chef behind the food truck’s name is Julian, who I talked to on KocinA.

Salamandra Taco Truck?

Carpe Durham mentioned on Twitter that a chef from the closed restaurant is appearing at Nice Price Books in Durham.  More details to come…

Wanderin’ Wings

Dan Gregory, a land surveyor by day, food obsessed by night, is raising funds to bring a wing truck to the Raleigh-Durham area.  Based on their website, they are raising money and have found a truck.  We’ll keep posted, but if you are craving a wing truck start following , Facebook, and check out their websiteLatest update we’ve seen is June 2015.

Have a new truck and want it featured.  Use the contact form below and we’ll add it to the weekly radar.  Build your fan base with a weekly update!

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