Behind The Wheel: Caffe Bellezza

One of the great advantages of food trucks is that owners are on the truck daily. This brings a tight bond between the owner and their hungry patrons. Since many of us only get that small time between ordering and grabbing our food, I wanted to help bring us together. That’s when I got the idea, Behind The Wheel. Gets me back to telling the story and further enjoying – being around food trucks. This week I highlight Caffe Bellezza.

This is another Behind The Wheel that I have always wanted to cover, but knew writing would only capture part of the story.  Tim Morris, the owner behind Caffe Bellezza, has so much coffee knowledge that it would be hard to cover all of it.  Though the skills that I could not describe is what Justin captures with the lens.  As I watched the Behind The Wheel video for the first time, I am glued to the videos in between the interviews.  It is when I see Tim’s latte art formed that I am cheering as if my favorite athlete is making a superb play.  And in that same coin I am the kid wishing I could repeat my favorite athlete’s move.

What I enjoy of my Caffe Bellezza visits are the times sitting on the side bar on Hunt Street.  It is here I get to steal moments while Tim is orchestrating his espresso machine pulling shots for lattes, cappuccinos, and other espresso drinks.  This visit is a working visit as I am on the truck assisting by brewing Carrborro Coffee from various origins (Guatemala, Sumatra, Bolivia, and their own house blend Bellezza).  I am also in charge of the register in between camera takes.

Some of the most popular events Caffe Bellezza have been early morning races (as this one was during a Ramblin’ Rose event).  However, one event that has become very popular are weddings.  What has made these popular are Tim’s ability to tailor a special coffee cocktail for the couple’s special day.

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Caffe Bellezza

Thanks everyone for the positive feedback on the first video version of Behind The Wheel.  It’s been a great time learning with Justin () through the process.

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