Fuquay-Varina proposing new (BAD) changes to Food Truck regulation

The ordinance lasted six months as Fuquay-Varina added the food truck ordinance back on the government’s agenda.

Last June, the News & Observer reported that Fuquay-Varina passed legislation to allow food trucks. The catalyst for the legislation was a local brewery’s celebration involving food trucks onsite. Fast-forward to today and the Town of Fuquay-Varina has added revising the ordinance to their agenda. The revisions, however, do not promote or expand the food truck industry; it actually contracts it. The changes can be highlighted at the first major change, where the permitted zones change from “nonresidential” to “industrial”. From a concept perspective, that is a huge change. It removes all opportunities where Commercial activity takes place, a food truck’s primary use.

Fuquay-Varina's Zoning Map (2014)
Fuquay-Varina’s Zoning Map (2014)

For a visual presentation of what this proposed change will do, review the current zoning map. Most of the areas a food truck can operate except for ‘R’ (Residential) areas. If the proposed change were made to the ordinance, only purple and light purple would be allowed. Reviewing this change, it would allow food trucks to continued operation at Aviator (the location at Technology Park) and Draft Line. However, further analysis shows that the Town’s Center is limited by the sparse purple shading.

Fuquay-Varina's Town Center Zoning Map (2014)
Fuquay-Varina’s Town Center Zoning Map (2014)

Food trucks and commerce thrive when working together. This is witnessed when locally owned retail and food trucks operate and utilize their strengths. The food truck provides a service by feeding guests, which keeps the guests at the retail location for a longer period. Guests that stay longer traditionally provides more to the economy. Food trucks also have great qualitative benefits. Since the modern food truck buzz, fans have sought out food trucks. They have also tailored to current food trends. They have also brought vitality and renewal to areas. This experience is witnessed when our local municipalities, like Cary and Garner, have held food truck events in revitalizing areas.

Another reason to welcome food trucks is some food trucks are steps in their business plan. For some owners, the next step is a traditional restaurant. If a food truck is successful in a particular area and has developed a fan base, it may be advantageous to secure a restaurant location there. This would benefit the municipality, a stable tenant, and the new restaurant owner, an established fan base. In these instances, the new business risk has lowered.

The last reason to welcome food trucks is keeping investment local. Food trucks are local, small business owners, which usually looked to local businesses as suppliers. It also keeps tax dollars within the local area.

If you want to keep food trucks in Fuquay-Varina, here’s how you can be active:

  • Sign a local petition, which will be delivered to the Town.
  • Email or Call the Town government officials


Mayor John Byrne: jbyrne@fuquay-varina.org (919-552-6415 or 919-552-1403)

Mayor Pro Tem Blake Massengill: bmassengill@fuquay-varina.org (919-346-1818)

Commissioner Charlie Adcock: cadcock@fuquay-varina.org (919-552-8781)

Commissioner Marilyn Gardner: mgardner@fuquay-varina.org (919-552-7091)

Commissioner William H. Harris: wharris@fuquay-varina.org (919-552-2580 or 919-552-3293)

Commissioner Jason Wunsch: jwunsch@fuquay-varina.org (919-624-1224)

Tell them how much food trucks mean to your well-being, your business, and how you appreciate them in Fuquay-Varina.

  • Add your comments to The Mill’s Facebook Page’s post, a local business affected by the proposed ordinance change.

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