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If you are a fan of Food Trucks, you may want to look into Street Foodie Diaries.

Honestly, you can’t write life.  Life writes you.  Like a bug to a porch light, I drove to Durham for another Central Market Food Truck Rodeo.  I am lucky to see a variety of food trucks weekly for lunch at a North Raleigh spot (4800 Falls of Neuse, Wednesdays).  But my wife isn’t so lucky.  So we make our rounds and I point out ones I have seen and what I like.  After making our rounds, she decided on The Humble Pig.  Since it wasn’t a work day, I decided to order the wings. This is an item I have desired on past visits, but scared to veer off my safety brisket tacos (and sit at my desk slathered in sauce).

Smoked Wings

I sat down and a gentleman commented, “where did you get those wings?”  I replied, “over at The Humble Pig.”  He gave a look and mentioned to the woman next to him, “I didn’t know Russ did wings.”

“He sure does and they are really good,” I replied picking a wing apart.  The man passes over a business card and I immediately recognize the logo.  I remember it from these young cameraman shooting around the Downtown Raleigh rodeos and a Twitter handle I followed.  I couldn’t believe it… I was sitting across from the man and woman team associated with Street Foodie Diaries.

I am a huge fan of food trucks, but I’ll be honest, I never watched their 5 minute bios on some of my favorite food trucks.  But listening to the couple’s passion of the food trucks, I knew I was sitting across from good company.  Mostly because we saw the food trucks from the same lens, as entrepreneurs exploring our taste buds from their trucks, not as second tier or lower class restaurants.  I remember Steve hammering this point as entrepreneurs and extending the impact they make on themselves and their family and support.  You could tell they were passionate about the trucks as the truck owners were of their own businesses.

After meeting them, I started watching the videos.  They are done very well that really have you fall in admiration of the operators.  I even saw a few of my favorites, which I admired more because I knew their story.  And those that I had not frequented were soon added to my must list.

What’s Next for Street Foodie Diaries (and you)?

Currently on the site, you can see food trucks from the Triangle region (Raleigh-Durham-Chapel Hill).  However, they are looking to film a Season 2 in Baton Rouge and New Orleans, Louisiana and Atlanta, Georgia.  While I have not seen Baton Rouge, I did get a taste of nearby New Orleans truck scene.  Like Raleigh, New Orleans’ food trucks scene is fairly young and starting to take off.  Atlanta is cool with a “food court” like spot off I-75 and Howell Mill Road.  So, I am excited to see the next season  (see the Atlanta Food Truck Park).  However, they are looking for funding for the next season.  If you are a fan of food trucks, you may want to see Season 1 and fund Season 2 to see what Atlanta and Baton Rouge has to offer.

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