Big Sunday for Triangle-area Food Trucks Rodeos

If you are a food truck fan like me, you are always stoked for a rodeo.

This Sunday the area is featuring two Food Truck Rodeos.  In my eyes, its like March Madness (for Food Trucks).

Durham Central Park Rodeo

Durham Central Park - March 9th Rodeo

I really enjoy the Durham Central Park rodeos, because they showcase a lot of trucks at one spot, a live band plays on the nearby grass, and it is a good scene.  I would suggest arriving early if you are fond of the well known trucks, since lines do form.  I usually go to find new trucks or try ones that I don’t see as much.

If you arrive really early, some recommend spots are Cocoa Cinnamon and Monuts Donuts.  And if you are there late,  I really enjoy Fullsteam and Kokyu BBQ.

If by chance you can’t make it, there are other planned ones below:

June 15th – Father’s Day Food Truck Rodeo
August 31st – Labor Day [Weekend] Food Truck Rodeo
November 2nd – Halloween Food Truck Rodeo

Grove Winery’s Monthly Rodeo

Grove Winery Food Truck Rodeo - March 9th

My friend, Triangle Explorer, pointed me to this one late last year.  Since then, this rodeo has been on my list. But with inclement weather and traveling, I just never made it out.  What makes this one different is this rodeo focuses more Greensboro/Triad food trucks and something you rarely see at rodeos, Wine!  Same story with the Central Park Rodeo, if you can’t make this one it is EVERY 2nd Sunday of the month.  I would follow their Twitter handle as they post updates and reminders of the next one.

Whether you do one or the other or both (if my wife is in a good mood, maybe it’s a rodeo doubleheader… Al Michaels I do believe in miracles), this is an exciting day for food trucks.

Keep Wandering,


Durham Central Park (Food Truck Rodeo Website)

Twitter: @DCPDurham

Grove Winery 2nd Sunday Rodeos (Food Truck Rodeo Website)

Twitter: @NCFoodRodeo

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