Food Truck Recap: March 9th Durham Central Park Rodeo

Recap of what you can find on: Mama Duke’s, JAM Ice Cream, Deli-icious Truck, and Foster’s On The Fly

This morning around the coffee machine, the microwave, or maybe at the elevator you may hear people “OOOH” and “AAHS” about yesterday’s discoveries on the food trucks.  While it is hard to hit all 40+ trucks in one rodeo (if anyone is willing to put terms up: CHALLENGE ACCEPTED!), here are a few things you missed.

Shrimp Basket

Shrimp Basket and Falafel Tots (@MaMADukes): I have an agenda each rodeo and this time, I wanted to try this truck.  I have only seen it maybe a few times at my usual spot and after watching their video bio on Street Foodie Diaries (Season 1), I decide this Sunday was the day to try. They a are well-established truck, so I was surprised to see no line.  With no line, it made this an easy target for the first truck.  I had my eye on the Shrimp Basket, since I knew it would be appease the wife (she’s hungry and doesn’t like to wait).  The basket contained 5 shrimp, crinkle-cut fries with spicy cocktail sauce and curry tzatziki sauce.  I also ordered falafel tots with tzatziki.  The father and son team highlighted in Street Foodie Diaries’ bio were both here.  I suspect the lack of a line was probably not lack of popularity, but how well they work together and were able to deliver the food quickly.  Food tasted great and my wife commented how good the shrimp basket was.  I enjoyed it, but I focused more on the falafel tots.  On the tots, I should have grabbed a little of sriracha offered on the truck for the tots (I like a little spice). But the curry tzatziki was good enough.  Overall, I enjoyed this truck and can’t wait to try again.


Cake Batter with Chocolate Bits (@JAMIceCream): Since I had made the decision on MaMa Duke’s, I waited with our chairs while my wife went wandering.  It was pretty early in the rodeo and my wife doesn’t like waiting, so I was surprised that her sweet tooth brought her back with a bowl of soft serve (her favorite) and chocolate bits (another favorite).  I joked and smiled, “why am I not surprised you came back with ice cream?”  Her response, “but it’s cake batter and chocolate bits.  Try it!”  Knowing if I don’t try it, I’ll never have a chance again, I take a scoop.  It’s really good, creamy, and tastes like cake batter.  The experience you want to have with soft serve.  And yes this is a mobile truck.

Yaki-Mandu (Korean Style Dumplings)

Yaki-Mandu (@DeliiciousTruck): This truck is wolf in sheep’s clothing.  While I was in line, someone nearby was commenting on the truck isn’t “fancy” looking.  Why because the rims aren’t spinners (what makes one fancy???)  That is why I say this truck is deceptively GREAT!  Again, like MaMa Duke’s this truck is not in my normal routine spot.  So, I have to use one of my Rodeo’s slots for them (the stomach can only fit so much).  And I have never been disappointed ordering from Deli-icious.  I like sweet pasta dishes and one Fall rodeo, Deli-icious did a Pumpkin Mac & Cheese.  You would think Christmas came a season early, I was so happy.  Spring forward to this rodeo and I am wowed with Yaki-Mandu, Korean-style dumpling.  Nice and soft texture on the outside.  Creamy delicious with a chicken and cream cheese-like filing.  If you see this truck, your stomach and taste buds are kicking you each time you bypass it.

Short-Rib Meatball Grinder and Chipotle Gouda Mac & Cheese (@fostersonthefly): This is another truck that never disappoints me.  You may remember me trying Foster’s on Rising Bull: My Morning in Durham post.  While I had an order at Deli-icious, I was trying to time grab meals from two trucks at once.  If this is a rodeo violation, I am a huge violator with this.  I also pull this stunt at breweries with multiple trucks.  Not knowing how filing the dumplings would be and seeing the size of Foster’s Mac & Cheese, I thought I might need another “entree”.  This is where Articus flew too close to the Rodeo Sun.  I ordered both the grinder and Mac & Cheese, which paired with the dumplings above overwhelmed our appetites.  I hand the Mac & Cheese to my wife.  She digs in and she’s raving about it.  She hands it over and says I need to try this.  I like the smoky Gouda and cheesiness of the macaroni and concur that it is good.  Although a later bite reminded me that this is a Chipotle Mac, as the spice hits my buds.  Smoky, Spicy, and Cheesy – a dangerous and awesome taste combination.


Even though I overwhelmed our appetites, I still tried to finish the meatball grinder.  I had been on the hunt for a good meatball.  My latest stop for spaghetti and meatballs did not satisfy my cravings, but this grinder did a good job of instilling hope of a good meatball.  The key to a good meatball in my eyes is consistency.  It shouldn’t be dense like the inside of a golfball and it should almost fall apart when you eat it.  Foster’s did a good job with this, making it special using short rib, very flavorful gravy, and good grated cheese.  The bread was also good and traditional, where it could have passed as traditional Italian restaurant garlic bread (based on the look and feel).

Overall Impression

If you missed this rodeo or want to try some of these trucks, follow them on Twitter, check their schedules, or attend the next rodeo.  First time rodeo visitors, I would suggest bringing some sunscreen, some comfortable chairs, and an appetite.  They also serve local beer and a local band is usually there, so for me – what else do you need?

Keep Wandering,


The Line-Up

Mama Duke’s: Website / Facebook / Twitter

JAM Icecream: Website / Facebook / Twitter

Deli-icious: Website / Facebook / Twitter

Foster’s on The FlyWebsite / Facebook / Twitter (There is also the stand-alone Foster’s Market, which is a spot I have stopped more than once).

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