Food Truck Weekend Recap: March 28-30

Are you looking for Food Trucks in the Triangle?  Here’s a few gatherings.


Fairview Garden Center Flora & Food Truck Series

Fairview's Food Truck Series - Spring 2014

Fairview Garden Center is kicking off their Flora and Food Truck Series this weekend.  For more info, see my initial post.

Food Trucks line-up on the road bordering Central Park and the Farmers Market
Food Trucks line-up on Hunt Street

Vega Art and Truck Market

Just outside the Durham Farmers Market and Durham Central Park on Hunt Street trucks line-up. Nearby Vega Metals showcases local artists’ work.

Cary Creative Center Benefit Food Truck Rodeo

(UPDATE!) Also this Saturday, Cary Creative Center will have a Food Truck Rodeo with Barone Meatball, Sarge’s Chef, La Farm Bakery’s truck, and Sol Tacos (a new truck!)

Are you up for a drive?


World’s Largest Food Truck Festival

It’s not too late to take a 10 hour journey from Raleigh to Tampa, FL.  In Tampa, the World’s Largest Food Truck Parade and Festival will take place.  This is actually the Second one organized!  Parking is only $6, so grab some friends (or make some).  Most of the trucks there are from Florida, but some are representing New York and Raleigh’s own Hibachi Xpress will represent us!

Can’t make it this weekend?  Check out the our new Food Trucks Page on the blog. I’m tracking rodeos/festivals/round-ups/gatherings – whatever they want to call them – and listing them.  If you find one and want credit, feel free to CC me via a Tweet (or DM), or comment on my Facebook.

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