July 28th: Triangle Food Truck News

Few things happening on the Food Truck scene here in the Triangle

Objects in the Rearview Mirror

Food Trucks Give Back

I have this list of things I want to show what food trucks do.  One is how trucks give back to the community.  Last Tuesday, I tried my best to show what food trucks can do.  I didn’t know the full details except the line-up and that it wasn’t for the public to enjoy.  Gus from Greek Gussy’s grabbed Chick-N-Que, Not Just Icing, and Stuft to give back to the Rescue Mission in Durham.  It rained that day, but they still gave out food to the homeless. It was such a warm feeling to see and I imagine for them as well.  If you didn’t catch the broadcast, here’s the coverage from Anthony Wilson on ABC 11.

Wake Forest Rodeo

Did I think this was going to be a rodeo well attended? Yes.  Did I expect what I saw? Maybe.  I didn’t see Cary’s Chatham Street Chowdown, but I expected the same atmosphere.  From what I saw, it was well attended.  Wake Forest was dedicated as when the rain fell in the middle rodeo, many stayed.

Breakfast Rodeo

I’m not a morning person, but I didn’t want to miss the first time Wicked Biscuit, Belgian Waffology, and Caffe Bellezza will be together in one spot.  I arrived slightly after 7, but ABC 11 was already there filming for their morning broadcast.  I tried to find the video for it, but I could not.  Sheyenne Rodriguez was the reporter and had a few tweets with Belgian Waffology and Wicked Biscuit.   From what I saw afterwards it was a success, as Wicked Biscuit sold out by 9 am (before the 10 am shutdown).  This does look to be  a regular event, so plan Fridays in Durham for breakfast!

Street Foodie Diaries

Last week, I got word that Our State magazine published an article from Kim with Street Foodie Diaries.  I am a huge fan of their work and try to support them as much as I can.  I think Steve and Kim really helped connect the wires in my brain to help steer away from focusing on the food and really incorporate the people.  Anyways, they are really making a push n Season 2, which is featuring the Atlanta food truck scene.  If you haven’t seen their first season, based here in the Triangle, you’re missing out on some great work.

Events On the Horizon

Here are events that are real soon that you may want to plan ahead on.

Rodeo 0608

Downtown Raleigh Rodeo

Should I dare list all the trucks attending?  They have announced  over 50 trucks up and down Fayetteville Street with a few intersecting street with trucks.  The event is August 10th (Sunday) and thankfully from 4-9 pm after the summer heat will die down.

Slingshot Coffee: Party at Our Place

Slingshot-Aug 1

This Friday, Slingshot is throwing a bash.  Normally, I would add this to the Friday events.  However, with an RSVP mentioned, I wanted to put this out now.  The event looks to include The Parlour, a successful food truck that opened an ice cream parlous near the Downtown Durham Marriott.  Thanks to Triangle Explorer for the heads up!

Events on the Map

Here are events that you may want to keep your eye on.


Daily I am catching updates for this event, which looks like the planning stages are coming into full swing.  I won’t go into full details on the beer, but I did notice beers outside of the Triangle are participating (like Old Mecklenburg in Charlotte). Though food trucks are now being announced with Stuft, Tailgater Toby, and Not Just Icing in the mix.  Music includes Dark Water Rising, Lynda & Pattie, Skinny Bag of Sugar, and The Honeycutters as music.  The event is September 27th at Sugg Farm in Holly Springs.


This event has been around, but this year was my first time.  For beer (and spirits as local TOPO Distillery was here this year) and food truck fans, this is a prime event.  Two stages on both ends of Fayetteville Street with beer and food trucks filling the asphalt in between.  The date set is April 25, 2015 and is from 2-10pm.  I know a bit early, but you might want to circle it and tell your family this is a great weekend to visit.

New Rest Stops

Where are trucks being spotted…

Hopefully, you know of all the breweries in our area (including the recent opening of Draft Line down in Fuquay-Varina).  But, you may want to look here.

  • Person Street Bar (805 N Person St, Raleigh): I always like it when a bar/brewery and food truck can come together.  Both can come in with their specialities and exceed on expectations on both ends.  Lately, I’ve seen Dump Pho King Truck and Hanu parked here.
  • Beer Durham (404 Hunt Street, Durham): Again, beer and food trucks collaborating!  This neighborhood bottle shop has 20 beers on tap where you can refill growlers and now enjoy food trucks.  I’ve seen Bo’s Kitchen, Sol Tacos and The Wicked Biscuit here – so great variety.  I’ve noticed Wicked Biscuit doing a lot of Sunday Brunch here…
  • Marathon Gas Station, Five Points (1641 Glenwood Ave) on Fridays from 5-10pm the as close to Philly as you can get Philly Cheesesteaks food truck will be parked here.  I drove by here last Friday and it looked like a decent crowd.
  • Plantation Point Farmer’s Market over by the BJ’s and Petco near Triangle Town food trucks have been spotted.  Red Eye BBQ and Sarge’s were there last week and from what I heard this Farmer’s Market will stick around through the rest of the year.
  • Greenway Club There has been some exploration for this area and it seems trucks are being scheduled here.  I’ll report more as we find out, but wanted to alert the North Raleigh fans.

New Kids on The Block

Who’s new to the radar

Halal BrosAs the Triangle grows, the more diverse our food truck scene develops.  Recently, I had an opportunity to try Halal from Halal Brothers.  This is my first opportunity, but based on the ingredients used I thought it was pretty good.  I went with a kabob platter with saag and humus.  Be sure to follow them @HalalBros or check out their Facebook page.

Halal Bros - Platter

Trucks finding a Garage

Is your favorite truck finding a brick and mortar?

Get Iced Cupcakes


Alison at Get Iced Cupcakes has been working hard this week posting pictures of her upcoming location at Poyner Village near Triangle Town Center.  Last update, I saw was an inspection.  I have my fingers and toes crossed for a passed inspection and opening announcement.

Olio and Aceto1
Megan, Glenda (Blue Sky Oil and Vinegar, the “secret” to Olio and Aceto, also Suzie’s Mom), Suzie and Jessica

Olio and Aceto

On Saturday, July 19th, Olio and Aceto opened their cafe to the public.  If you haven’t tried them yet, they are famous for using the beers at their brewery stops and making menu items out of them.  The cafe is in Chapel Hill near the cross streets of US 15-501 and Elliot Rd (400 S Elliott Rd, Chapel Hill).  Also the truck will still be on the road hitting some your favorite breweries like Raleigh Brewing and Fortnight Brewing.

Sweet Traditions by LeAne

Cake and Cupcake fans are waiting for that egg timer to chime.  LeAne continues to hint a huge announcement (and a Grand Opening?!) on Twitter and Facebook.  Unfortunately, the Bellagio no longer takes my bets on food truck action, but I’d be all-in on a storefront or bakery opening soon.  I hope my hunch is right as LeAne and Roland are great people, their cakes look beautiful, and cupcakes are pretty darn good.  You can grab cupcakes during the weekends at their kiosk in Triangle Town Center Mall (near American Eagle)

Big Mike’s BBQ

While driving down Glenwood, I noticed Big Mike’s was no longer at View Bar.  While I was sad to see they were no longer there, I did see that they have signed a lease for a spot in Cary.

Sarge’s Chef on Wheels

Sarge’s Chef on Wheels opened on July 7th in Rolesville.  The restaurant’s hour are weekdays from 6:30am-2pm  for Breakfast and Lunch at 400 Southtown Circle Rolesville.  If you are a fan of Julius’ Shrimp and Grits and Po’ Boy like me, you are probably excited about making it to his storefront.

Trucks Giving Back

Will and Pops and Not Just Icing Food Bank Collection

We a few more days for this food bank collection.  If you see Will and Pops or Not Just Icing, please try to help them collect non-perishable items when on the road for Central and Eastern North Carolina Food Bank.

Kickstart Their Heart


A really cool guy I’ve met on the food truck scene, Steve, is doing a kickstarter for new equipment and help start-up a web cooking show.  If you have ever been to Lonerider Brewing on a Thursday, you have tasted Valentino’s great creations.

If you got news, feel free to message via Twitter or complete the contact form on my About Page.

Also, if you haven’t done so – vote for your favorite food truck this month.  Voting ends this week on the 31st.  Please vote for your favorite.

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