July’s Favorite Food Truck – Voted by the Readers

Last month I asked for your favorite food truck.  The results are in…

The Process

For the month of June, I passively asked what were your favorite food trucks.  After those couple weeks in June, I took those suggestions and the Indy’s 2014 winner and finalists and add them to a July poll.  I then asked, “What’s your favorite food truck?”  The polls closed July 31st and when I opened the final results, I was surprised on the results.  I didn’t expect what I saw, but glad that some voters went the way they did.  One thing I was shocked was some of my favorites that weren’t on the initial list, but were write-in votes.  So I counted the votes and decide to list the top 5 trucks and a brief synopsis on them. You’ll be surprised to find two of the trucks are well-seasoned veterans, two are trucks that started this year, and one just turned one a few months ago.  Take a look at who many picked as their Favorite Food Truck.

Rivaling Chirba Chirba's long lines was Belgian Waffology.
Belgian Waffology had a strong showing at the first Raleigh rodeo.

5) Belgian Waffology. If anyone can operate a Belgian waffle truck, it is Francois.  You cannot get closer to Belgium than his creations on the dark red truck.  One of the advantages of this truck is it rocks both the savory and the sweet.  One moment you can chow down on a waffle with bacon, cheese, and apples (or my first fav, Bouc: Goat Cheese, Apples, and Honey) and pair it with a Choco Liege waffle.

No matter which rodeo, Chirba Chirba always has a line.

4) Chirba Chirba. Anyone who has gone to a rodeo knows this truck’s popularity.  Chirba Chirba consistently has lines that rival Peter Pan at Walt Disney World.  In fact, I’ve overheard the comment, you know you made it when Chirba Chriba thinks your cool.  The yellow truck decorated with a happy dumpling is always a great sight to see.

Gussy Greek
One of the nicest and greatest owners I know, Gus.

3) Gussy’s Greek Truck.  If you have ever met Gus, it is an easy vote for best food truck.  The guy is always upbeat and friendly.  The one thing I always like is the presentation.  He open the container points it out to you and repeats your order.  For that brief moment, a whiff of Greece hits the nose and your stomach rumbles back.

Sol Tacos seemed to always have people.
Sol Tacos had a great following, too, and the Raleigh rodeo.

2) Sol Tacos. When you keep it local and keep it fresh, you are going to get a following.  Schaumann took the taco and really made it gourmet by replacing Ground Beef with Chuck and a Fish taco that should have a West Coast address.  Between Belgian Waffology and Sol Tacos, you can easily debate who is the hottest new truck in the area.

Not Just Icing-1
This RV is equipped with double ovens, a prep area to ice-to-order, and one of the few that has air conditioning!

1) Not Just Icing.  My mouth dropped when I saw the final results.  A dessert truck is the favorite amongst food truck readers?  But, this truck deserves the praise.  They rallied their followers on Twitter and Facebook asking to vote for their favorites.  Maybe they voted for other trucks, maybe they voted for Not Just Icing.  But this truck is not just popular, the quality is there, too.  Iced to order, baked on the truck, and innovative flavors. So, I am happy to hand over the title of Favorite Food Truck.

Did the voters get it right?  If not, the ballots will open again later in the year.  Also, if you think the voting process could be better feel free to comment below.

Keep Wandering,


Others receiving votes: American Meltdown, KoKyu BBQ, Only Burger, Humble Pig, Dump Pho King Truck, Baguettaboutit, Porchetta, Bo’s Kitchen, MaMa Duke’s, Deli-icious, Chick-N-Que, Barone Meatball, Parlez Vous Crepe, Baton Rouge Cuisine, Sarge’s Chef on Wheels (no particular order).

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