Behind The Wheel: Montage #1

One of my favorite series of the blog, Behind The Wheel, had some great posts that last several weeks. As I out gathering more stories, I figured it might be time to revisit, reuse, and recycle some of our past stories. If you missed one, now might be the time to catch-up.

Bo’s Kitchen

Bo's Kitchen

I try not to use superlatives, because I don’t want others to feel left out. Though, Gavin and Ashley with Bo’s Kitchen are the sweetest and nicest people I have met.

Barone Meatball

Barone Meatball at Raleigh's October 2013 rodeo.
Barone Meatball at Raleigh’s October 2013 rodeo.

It takes balls to say “Best Balls in the Triangle.” But Stephen has the sauce to back up those claims. Once you get talking to him, one of the most laid back people I know.

Jay’s Italian Ice

Jay Italian Ice-1

One thing I can say about Jay, he’s a man with outstanding character. His sense of giving back to the community has to be a gold standard.


Sol Tacos


Chefs are rock stars. Chefs are artists. Schaumann is an artist with this rock star feel. So much creativity that comes out of that green truck.

If you liked a few of these, check out more of the Behind The Wheel series.

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