Friday Faves: Not Just Icing

Each Friday, I’ll post a favorite from a particular food truck.  This week’s selection: Not Just Icing.

Last week, I launched a new series called “Friday Faves.”  Each post will highlight one food truck and a “go-to” of mine (or favorite).  This week I chose Not Just Icing because they just released their pre-packaged chocolate chip cookie dough kisses for home use and they are working on nominations for’s Best Dessert Food Truck!

Not Just Icing - Cookie Dough

Photo from: Not Just Icing

The release of the “cookie dough kisses” is no surprise to me.  Why?  Because its is obligatory for me to grab one at every visit (and then some).  So the Friday Fave this week is the Vanilla Bliss with a Cookie Dough Kiss.

Not Just Icing
It’s a Vanilla Bliss Cookie Dough make-out session!


Either the chocolate or vanilla cake is fine, but the must ingredient is the cookie dough.  Some people enjoy the cookie dough by itself and they just order a shot of it on the truck.  And its safe to eat, because there were no eggs harmed in making them [they use no eggs, if you could not crack the pun].

Overall, I enjoy a good classic chocolate chip cookie.  And somehow they have perfected the balance of getting the sweetness of vanilla dough mixed up with the right about chips (and they are not bitter).  Add some icing and some fresh cake, you truly have bliss.

Are you a fan of Not Just Icing?  What is your go-to or favorite? Looking forward to your comments.  And fans don’t forget to nominate Not Just Icing.

Remember Friday Faves rules:

Please keep comments somewhat positive and it’s okay to disagree on my selection (though, what is yours?)  The other item I ask is that we do not compare to another establishment (either a truck, brick and mortar, but mom’s, grandma’s recipe is allowed).  The idea behind these posts is talk about the food at the selected truck and discuss what is your favorite.


Also, did you know there were featured in a Behind The Wheel.

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