Food Truck Fans – Holiday Wish List

If you have a food truck fan, but no ideas what to get them… Check out this year’s list of ideas. 

As I sat down and made my holiday list, I thought to myself, what might be on a food truck fan’s wish list?  I thought of things I was putting on my list, things I already had, and perhaps things I should put on my list.  Some of these are local to Triangle as well, but some are available.

The Chef and American Meltdown
Chef on DVD (truffle melt not included)

For the Audio Visual fan: If your food truck fan has a nice flat screen, sound bar, and likes to collect DVDs.  You may want to get them Chef.  The movie revolves around a fictional well-known chef in LA, who’s career takes the curve toward a food truck.  While it’s not a Food Truck 101 movie, it does make a good story.

For the up-and-coming Chef and a traveler: If you are someone who likes to cook and see a wide-range of food truck chefs creations then Food Truck Road Trip — A Cookbook might be on your list.  The book written by Behind The Food Carts, a west coast food truck blog, show recipes of food trucks they saw on their road trip.  There are a few Triangle trucks highlighted in the book: American Meltdown, Barone Meatball Company, CJ’s Street Food, Deli-icious, Pie Pushers, Porchetta.  This book is on my list.

For the budding entrepreneur: Think you can brave the streets with your culinary wits?  You might want to pickup Running a Food Truck For Dummies (For Dummies series) written by Richard Myrick of  Myrick’s website is a comprehensive website resource for food trucks, which is no surprise this book is, too.

Barone T-Shirt
Rock Concert shirts are so last year…


For the fan that wears their fandom: If your fan can’t live without that food item from a certain food truck, it might be time to “commit” them.  Only Burger, Philly’s, and Barone Meatball are a few trucks you can show your love.

For a gift that is sweet and reusable: If your fan loves cupcakes, Iced Cupcakes is selling cupcakes packaged in a mason jar.  Perfect gifts for co-workers, teachers, or whoever you think deserves a cupcake.  The mason jar can be used for storing things later. You can order them online.

Iced Cupcakes_Mason Jar

Inspired by Olio and Aceto: As you may know from Olio and Aceto’s Behind The Wheel, Blue Sky Oil and Vinegar is a main ingredient to their recipes.  You can get some of their ideas on the pages of the Cooking with Olive Oil and Balsamic Vinegar by owner Glenda Keenan.

Because a holiday night should be sitting on the couch eating Cookie Dough: It is not recommend to take out frozen cookie dough and eat it. However, Not Just Icing developed a dry mix for chocolate chip cookie dough kisses highlighted on their cupcakes.  If you want to order them, you can contact them via

You’ve offered too many suggestions: If I gave you too many options, maybe a gift certificate would be best. Just as there are other trucks that probably offer T-Shirts or clothing, I know that Sweet Traditions offers gift certificates at their store in Wake Forest.  They make a wide range of baked goods.

For those wanting more book resources, Food Carts Portland wrote a post around Small Business Saturday and a local bookstore.  Check out their wide range of ideas.

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