2015 NCAA Tournament and RDU Food Trucks

Living in the Tobacco Road, we enjoy March Madness. While the games in the themselves are enough to entertain, I thought why not add a little extra to the other 65 teams outside of the Triangle. For this year’s tournament, I took the top 68 food trucks by Twitter followers (counted Sunday evening) and matched them with the corresponding NCAA basketball team based on the NCAA’s ranking. The “selection committee” followed this except for two food trucks, Bang Bang Banh Mi and Baton Rouge Cuisine. Baton Rouge Cuisine was one slot away from LSU and the “committee” decided to swap the two food trucks. Each day, I’ll update the bracket based on the end of the day’s results. Other than your own bracket, perhaps there is some extra incentive to cheer for the other school for your favorite food truck.

Midwest Bracket

Cheering for Only Wins: With over 12,000 followers, Only Burger was matched up with Kentucky.  Kentucky will seek to be come the first team since Indiana in 1976 to go undefeated and win a championship. Interesting match-up: Battle of the Andys with Sol Tacos and Bang Bang Banh Mi.

Only Burger (1) Kentucky


Big Mike’s BBQ (5) West Virgina


The Humble Pig (3) Notre Dame


MaMa Duke’s (7) Wichita State



West Bracket

Parlez-Vous Irony: I found irony in that Parlez-Vous Crepes landed North Carolina, since they are usually in Chapel Hill-Carrboro. Interesting match-up: Chez Moi versus Sweet Traditions for an opening week dessert battle.

KoKyu BBQ (1) Wisconsin


Parlez-Vous Crepes (4) North Carolina


Sarge’s Chef (6) Xavier


American Meltdown (2) Arizona



East Bracket

Another ironic fact that both wolves (NC State) and cupcakes (Not Just Icing) come in packs. Interesting Match-up: Deli-icious and Olio and Aceto will battle the opening week with a “Battle of Suzie”

Not Just Icing (8) NC State


Sympathy For The Deli (4) Louisville


Will and Pop’s (3) Oklahoma


Barone Meatball (7) Michigan State



South Bracket

Another slice of irony that Pie Pushers, organizer of the Durham rodeos, assumes the same position as the Durham university, Duke. Interesting Match-up: If both BulKogi and CJ’s Street Food win their first match, could have a battle for Korean fusion!

Pie Pushers (1) Duke


Gussy’s (5) Utah


Big John’s (11) UCLA


Baguettaboutit (2) Gonzaga


Third Round Results

Only Burger #1 (Kentucky) over Sol Tacos #8 (Cincinnati)
Big Mikes BBQ #5 (West Virginia) over Chick-N-Que #4 (Maryland)
The Humble Pig #3 (Notre Dame) over Cafe Prost #6 (Butler)
MaMa Duke’s #7 (Wichita State) over Valentino’s #2 (Kansas)

Kokyu BBQ #1 (Wisconsin) over Chez Moi #8 (Oregon)
Parlez-Vous Crepes #4 (UNC) over Captain Ponchos #5 (Arkansas)
Sarge’s Chef #6 (Xavier) over Bam Pow Chow #14 (Georgia State)
American Meltdown #2 (Arizona) over Hibachi Xpress #10 (Ohio State)

Not Just Icing #8 (NC State) over Chirba Chirba #1 (Villanova)
Sympathy For The Deli #4 (Louisville) over Deli-icious #5 (Northern Iowa)
Will & Pop’s #3 (Oklahoma) over Hanu #11 (Dayton)
Barone Meatball #7 (Michigan State) over The Parlour #2 (Virgina)

Pie Pushers #1 (Duke) over Big Al’s BBQ #8 (San Diego State)
Gussy’s #5 (Utah) over All American #4 (Georgetown)
Big John’s #11 (UCLA) over UM UM Italian Ice #14 (UAB)
Baguettaboutit #2 (Gonzaga) over Dump Pho King Truck #7 (Iowa)

First/Second Round Results
Bull City Street Food (Hampton) over Bo’s Kitchen (Manhattan) for Seed #16
Only Burger #1 (Kentucky) over Bull City Street Food #16 (Hampton)
Sol Tacos #8 (Cincinnati) over Bang Bang Banh Mi #9 (Purdue)
Big Mikes BBQ #5 (West Virginia) over AmigoSan #12 (Buffalo)
Chick-N-Que #4 (Maryland) over Chai’s Global #13 (Valparaiso)
Cafe Prost #6 (Butler) over Foster’s on the Fly #11 (Texas)
The Humble Pig #3 (Notre Dame) over KocinA #14 (Northeastern)
MaMa Duke’s #7 (Wichita State) over Philly’s Cheesesteaks #10 (Indiana)
Valentino’s #2 (Kansas) over Manna #15 (New Mexico State)

CockADoodleMoo (Ole Miss) over Iced Cupcakes (BYU) for Seed #11
Kokyu BBQ #1 (Wisconsin) over Czech This Out #16 (Coastal Carolina)
Chez Moi #8 (Oregon) over Sweet Traditions #9 (Oklahoma State)
Captain Ponchos #5 (Arkansas) over Stoke and Smoke BBQ #12 (Wofford)
Parlez-Vous Crepes #4 (UNC) over Jam Ice Cream #13 (Harvard)
Sarge’s Chef #6 (Xavier) over CockADoodleMoo #11 (Ole Miss)
Bam Pow Chow #14 (Georgia State) over Porchetta #3 (Baylor)
Hibachi Xpress #10 (Ohio State) over Belgian Waffology #7 (VCU)
American Meltdown #2 (Arizona) over SoomSoom Pita Pockets #15 (Texas Southern)

East Hanu (Dayton) over D’Burrito’s (Boise State) for Seed #11
Chirba Chirba #1 (Villanova) over Tootie’s #16 (Lafayette)
Not Just Icing #8 (NC State) over Baton Rouge Cuisine #9 (LSU)
Deli-icious #5 (Northern Iowa) over Olio and Aceto #12 (Wyoming)
Sympathy For The Deli #4 (Louisville) over Kona Ice of Raleigh (UC Irvine)
Hanu (Dayton) #11 over Mac-UR-Roni #6 (Providence)
Will & Pop’s #3 (Oklahoma) over Dusty Donuts #14 (Albany)
Barone Meatball #7 (Michigan State) over KoKyu Ondo #10 (Georgia)
The Parlour #2 (Virgina) over Tailgater Toby #15 (Belmont)

Arepa Culture (Robert Morris) over Taco Grande (North Florida) for Seed #16
Pie Pushers #1 (Duke) over Arepa Culture #16 (Robert Morris)
Big Al’s BBQ #8 (San Diego State) over Dang Good Dogs #9 (St. John’s)
Gussy’s #5 (Utah) over Liv’s #12 (S.F. Austin)
All American #4 (Georgetown) over Virgil’s Jamaican #13 (Eastern Washington)
Big John’s #11 (UCLA) over CJ’s Street Food #6 (SMU)
UM UM Italian Ice #14 (UAB) over BulKogi #3 (Iowa State)
Dump Pho King Truck #7 (Iowa) over Caffe Bellezza #10 (Davidson)
Baguettaboutit #2 (Gonzaga) over Halal Haven #15 (North Dakota State)

3 thoughts on “2015 NCAA Tournament and RDU Food Trucks

  1. OMG…What’s the deal with the selection committee? Now, we’ve got to go up against the powerhouse of Kentucky/Only Burger…Really??? Well, at least we registered a win!!! Very cool idea. Thanks Art! #BCSF #realfood

  2. Should’ve given Ohio St to Baguetteaboutit since the owner’s from Columbus… But yeah, OnlyBurger = Kentucky is about right!

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