Belgian Waffology looking for a new name

Help Belgian Waffology find a new name

Last year, the Triangle was educated on the study of “Belgian Waffology.”  Our professor, Francois Kerckhof, has educated us about the delicious Belgian Waffle.  This master waffologist  first educated me of there were different types of waffle: Brussels, Liege, and others named after the city where they were originally created.  I always thought there was only one (Brussels), which I would microwave in some metallic sleeve (Francois just fainted on that thought).


Though some magical day in front of the Broadway Veterinary Hospital, I was rewarded with the first Liege waffle from Belgian Waffology.  Fast forward a few waffles and few pounds, Belgian Waffology needs to find a new name.  The name change is not due to change of ownership and there will be no change in the great quality.  However, Francois is looking for our help in selecting the name.  He wanted our help with the name selection, because it would further connect us with the food truck.

The final names:

  • Belga-licious
  • Belgian Waffolina
  • The Belgian Waffle Crafters

You can vote for them here.


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