New Food Truck: Fire Chef Raleigh

A new truck, Fire Chef Raleigh, has hit the streets.  Here are some quick facts on the food truck

Last May, word came about that a fire truck would be customized into a food truck.  This past weekend, Fire Chef Raleigh was revealed at The Goat in Raleigh.

About the Truck

The fire truck is a 1967 Ford C600 “Cab over engine” chassis.   On the truck, there is a plaque summarizing the truck’s history from the service in Nebraska, the manufacturer (The Central Fire Apparatus), and the original condition of its original cab, cab interior and drive train.

About the Cuisine

Fire Chef Raleigh serves 1/4 lb. all beef hot dogs or 1.3 lb. fresh ground beef burgers.  In addition to the hot dogs and burgers, you can add toppings from Western or Eastern NC slaw, various relishes (include Mt. Olive pickle), chili, and hot chow-chow.  The owner is sourcing 100% of their produce from The Produce Box.

Upcoming Events

This was their first weekend at The Goat.  Expect to see them at Meet in the Street in Wake Forest May 2nd.  Also, with their cuisine and truck design, they believe the food truck appeals to family events.

Follow Them

FireChef2Facebook: firechefraleigh
Instagram: @firechefraleigh

One thought on “New Food Truck: Fire Chef Raleigh

  1. We would love to have you join our rotation of food trucks at 5003 S. Miami Blvd in Durham. Would you be interested

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