New Food Truck: Southern Chicken, Shrimp, and Fish Fry

A  food truck, Southern Chicken, Shrimp, and Fish Fry, has hit the streets.  Here are some quick facts on the food truck

Recently, a food truck Southern Chicken, Shrimp, and Fish Fry started serving the NC State Fairgrounds.  The food truck has been in the area serving the Dogwood Festival in Fayetteville and First Night Raleigh.  But it looks like the food truck is showing up at more Triangle events.

My Southern Flavor

The truck is owned and operated by Andre and Kecia.  Andre has been in the restaurant business since he was young, since prior generations had also been with restaurants.  He also has prior military experience, which has helped him operate the food truck in Northern Virginia’s bases Fort Belvoir, Fort Myer, and Fort McNair.  You will find Kecia at the window and behind the social media.

Currently, Southern Chicken, Shrimp, and Fish Fry can be found at the NC State Fairgrounds, but they also serve Vegas Nightlife.

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