April 8, 2015: Wednesday Update

Few updates on what’s going today.

United Way Rodeo

On April 8th, Barone Meatball, BulKogi, Gussy’s and Sympathy 4 The Deli will be at United Way, 2000 Perimeter Park Drive, Morrisville.  The rodeo goes on from 11:30 to 1:30 pm

Manna and Double Barley Beer Dinner








The last one at Double Barley sold out, but I have not heard if Manna’s April 8th Beer Dinner has. If you are interested, contact Double Barley’s taproom.

Curbside at Cornerstone






This Evening Cornerstone Apartments at 100 Terrastone Place in Cary will have AmigoSan, Bam Pow Chow, Big Mike’s BBQ, and Phat Wrapz for a small food truck rodeo.  The event starts at 5 pm.

Carrboro’s Farmers Market – Evening Eats

April 8th kicks off Carrboro’s Farmers Market Wednesday evening hours.  Baguettaboutit, BulKogi, Gussy’s, Halal Haven, La Mesa, and Tar Heel Creamery will be there.  Food Truck Rodeo kicks off at 6pm until 8:30 pm.

The Market is located at 301 Main Street, Carrboro

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