New Food Truck: Crazy-G’s Food Truck

A new truck, Crazy-G’s, has hit the streets.  Here are some quick facts on the food truck

Crazy Gs-1

Recently, I took a trip down to Southern Wake County and remembered Crazy-G’s usually parks down in this area.  So I pulled up Google Maps and headed for Duncan Junction.

About the Truck

Crazy G’s has been around for awhile, but they are one of the new food trucks on the radar.  The name behind the truck is pretty cool.  The food truck is family run, but it is actually a blended family (think Brady Bunch).  The two large families both have G’s in their name (Galloway and Gray).  Because of the common letter, a nickname of the Crazy G clan came about amongst their friends and neighbors.  When the family decided to operate a food truck, the Crazy G stuck leading to Crazy G’s food truck.


About the Cuisine

They serve from 9 to 3 pm at Duncan Junction, which means they serve breakfast and lunch while parked here.  I enjoyed a stuffer, which uses a bolillo for the bread in the sandwich.  I enjoyed a cheesesteak bolillo, which was I enjoyed with the red and yellow peppers.  The bolillo bread gave the sandwich a signature taste that made it different than other cheesesteaks (and wanting a return visit!)

They are usually parked at Duncan Junction on NC 42, just over the Wake/Harnett County line.  However, there have been sighting at Draft-Line and Nickelpoint breweries.

Follow Them

Crazy Gs-1Facebook: /pages/Crazy-Gs/839705232742222

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