Wheels and Mortar: Chick-N-Que

Chick-N-Que (Now Open)

The Wheels and Mortar series will focus on trucks that have a brick-and-mortar presence.  As trucks develop new strategies that incorporate buildings in addition to their mobile locations, this series will focus on those more permanent/less-mobile strategies.  This segment looks at Chick-N-Que‘s new restaurant in Rolesville. 

About Chick-N-Que

Since 2008, Chick-N-Que has been serving the Triangle community.  Beginning in 2015, they expanded their operations with a Rolesville restaurant.  Since their opening, fans have flocked from as far as Durham for lunch on their opening weekend to enjoy the truck’s classics.

Chick-N-Que-2Chick-N-Que has always been a family venture led by Ernest and Queen.  Patrons that walk into Chick-N-Que feel like family within those first steps.  Part of that feeling comes from the restaurant’s location in the heart of Rolesville attached to a Shell Station.  For some they walk in already part of the family either as longtime guests or part of Ernest’s family from his days growing up in Wake County.

Chick-N-Que’s Food

For those new to Chick-N-Que, you will find “bird barbecue”.  Bird barbecue, as Chick-N-Que calls it, features chicken, ostrich and turkey with an Eastern BBQ style.  This a refreshing difference from the traditional pork found in the region.  Entrees you will find are classics like the Bird’s Nest, Alarm Cluck, and Ostrich Burger.


BirdsNest-CNQOf those items my favorite is the Bird’s Nest.  First, they start with classic crinkle-cut fries, layer on their flagship Chicken Que, and then top it with some melted cheese.  While some may want to add a final dip in ketchup, but I’m a traditionalist and skip the dip.

For those wanting a little heat can go with the either the Alarm Cluck or Buffalo Chicken.  The Alarm Cluck is loaded with heat with jalapeños, Pepper Jack cheese, and Habanera cream sauce.  But my last flight with the Buffalo Chicken had me close to calling Rolesville Fire Department.  The heat has more of a deep burn that kept my lips tingling.  In my opinion, this was hot enough to enjoy.


Most instances, typical barbecue restaurants do not cater to vegetarian diets. Most vegetarians settle for just side items.   Chick-N-Que has a couple options outside of the sides.  They offer a hummus entree and a black bean burger.

The Chick-N-Que’s nest is still settling.  Although, they have already realized some benefits from it.  The restaurant allows for Chick-N-Que to have a kitchen for the restaurant and the truck’s commissary.  The gas station location also brings efficiency in the ability to fuel the trucks up in one less stop.

Be sure to follow their Twitter and Facebook for up-to-date hours, specials, and possible events.

Find Chick-N-Que

Chick-N-QueFollow the Food Truck


Facebook Page

Website: www.chicknque.com


CNQ-3The Restaurant / “The Nest”

420 S. Main Street
Rolesville, NC

Open Tuesday thru Saturday, check website for current hours

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