Trains, Trucks, and Bicycles: Wandering to Jamestown for a Food Truck Festival

I made the excuse plenty of times, “I can’t do it. It won’t work.” But this time I convinced myself, “it will work.”  What was I holding back from and making excuses: riding the train from Raleigh to somewhere.  This past weekend,  I saw an event in Jamestown, NC with Triad trucks and thought, today has to be the day.  First I looked to see how far Jamestown was from the nearest Amtrak station, High Point.  Then I looked at how I would get there by bike.  About 5-6 miles, it looked attainable.   So, I went to bought a ticket, pumped air in my tires, and drove to Cary’s Amtrak Station.

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My Saturday with Food Trucks

I had a mission today.  When I told people of my route, they thought I was crazy.  But when you have wanderlust in your heart, you make do with what you got.  I love my wife, but she would definitely say no to my little plan.  Luckily she was scheduled to work and I had the earlier half of the day to myself.

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Food Trucks - Durham Central Park

March 29: Cary Creative Center Benefit Food Truck Rodeo

Got word of this one late today, but I wanted to add this to your list. Cary Creative Center is organizing a Food Truck Rodeo on Saturday.

Barone Meatball, Sarge’s Chef on Wheels, La Farm Bakery’s in Cary’s truck will be there (check out Leigh Hines’ post on Master Baker Lionel Vatinet of La Farm), and a new truck Sol Tacos.  I’ll be on the lookout for the new truck.

Don’t let the weather scare you, as this will (barring food overload) a stop on my #foodtrucktrail tomorrow!  Hope to see you out there

More Details can be found here.

When: Saturday, March 29
Where: Cary Creative Center, 155 Wilkinson Ave. Cary, NC 27513
Time: 11am – 3pm rain or shine [Early Bird Yard Sale (7am – 10am)]

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