Recap: Charlotte Food Fight 2015

This past weekend I wandered down to the Queen City to enjoy the Charlotte Food Fight.  The event utilizes one of the food truck hot spots in Charlotte’s Historic South End at Park and Camden.  On any given Friday, also known as Food Truck Friday, you’ll find these trucks battling for sales.  However, they put the thought of sales away and set their sights on two things: pride and beating cancer.

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Please help MaMa Duke’s

You think the worst of the business cycle is behind you.  You made it through the slow and cold months of January and February.  Your food truck season is ready to kick off.  Fresh off a great day yesterday at another Durham Central Park rodeo.  Bouncing off this great day, the week is getting better as you landed a spot as a food truck at the ACC Tournament in Greensboro.  Your on your way to meet your Dad, who’s already at the commissary preparing for the week.  As you wait at a red light, your whole life shifts another direction.

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