A Dump Pho King Truck Reveal

I guess I have to admit when my friend, Triangle Explorer, posted about the Dump Pho King Truck, I thought it might be a joke. The tagline is two girls, one truck, the name is phonetically witty, but can turn-off a few.  Also, most Kickstarter, or crowd funding, usually take an established brand and push it to the next level. But this was the first Kickstarter I can think of where it came out of nowhere and was funded successfully. And if you were puzzled on how this happened, as was I, you never met Sophia and Sunny.

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My Saturday with Food Trucks

I had a mission today.  When I told people of my route, they thought I was crazy.  But when you have wanderlust in your heart, you make do with what you got.  I love my wife, but she would definitely say no to my little plan.  Luckily she was scheduled to work and I had the earlier half of the day to myself.

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Evening Eats: Carrboro Opening Day (April 9th)

Carrboro Farmers Market Opens Wednesdays on April 9th

Carrboro Market

This week is a week of anticipation.  On Saturday (April 5th), the Carrboro Farmers Market starts operating their Summer Hours.  Instead of opening at 9am, the market is open from 7am to 12 Noon.  Although, Parlez – Vous Crepes is still scheduled at 9am and stays until 2pm.

The Big Event

The following Wednesday, April 9th, the market has organized an awesome event.  From 3-6pm, there will be sampling from local favorite Chef Vimala Rajendran of Vimala’s Cherryblossom Cafe (Chapel Hill).  And then from 6pm-8:45pm, Baguettaboutit, Foster’s on the Fly, La Cocina, Tarheel Creamery, Triangle Raw Foods, and Gussy’s Greek Street Food will serve food and Steel String Brewery will be there serving local beer.  In addition to the beer and trucks, music will be provided by The New Orleans Masquerade, Campfires and Constellations, The Lounge Doctors, and Tea Cup Gin.

If you are in the area, this sounds like it will be a great time.

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